Culinary Arts Events

Shorewood High School Guest Chef Dinner Series

provides an opportunity for students to work with highly acclaimed industry chefs and are held periodically throughout the school year.


These fundraising dinners take place in the Shorewood Culinary Arts classroom and dining room.

Catering Events

The Culinary Arts program also caters for other school related and non-school related events

Seasonal Markets and Boxed Lunch events

Throughout the year, we hold markets and sell produce acquired from our garden, or prepare and sell boxed lunches.

Cooking Classes

We can also host cooking classes for those interested. The tickets to these are sold off at Shorewood Booster Auctions. Students decide which cooking topics to cover.

Money raised at all of these events fund Culinary Arts education, including student Chef Coats, kitchen equipment, teaching materials, field trips and garden supplies.


Spring Farmer's Market

We will sell spring produce and goods obtained locally, or from our own garden! More info TBD.